[LAU] FastTrack Pro (Was: mute laptop speakers with Intel HDA)

Victor Roetman victory747 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 04:39:36 EDT 2007

Matthias Schönborn wrote:
> Well, if you want to use 96kHz you have to either disable the inputs or the 
> outputs, then it works (despite the fact that this is rather pointless).

That's because it's USB1 and not USB2 and the USB1 bandwidth won't
handle full duplex stereo 96kHz/24-bit audio.  And it's not pointless if
you are only recording.  But I can't even get into that mode with Linux.
 (And I'm much more interested in 24-bit audio than I am in 96kHz, and
can't do that either.)


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