[LAU] mute laptop speakers with Intel HDA

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Aug 2 05:16:41 EDT 2007

Ken Restivo wrote:
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> On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 11:58:41AM -1000, gnome at hawaii.rr.com wrote:
>> The reason you see the options for "caller ID" and "off hook" is that 
>> the Intel HDA chipset also includes a modem. My laptop uses Intel HDA, 
>> and I'm used to the modem part showing up as if it were an audio device.
>> The audio works on my laptop except for an inability to record from the 
>> mic input. Last I heard, ALSA was blaming the kernel, and kernel 
>> developers were blaming ALSA. Although I haven't tried it since my most 
>> recent kernel update.
> The culprit is, as it often is, neither the kernel nor the ALSA. 
> The bad actor the hardware manufacturer. Apparently the chip is not well-specified, and hardware manufacturers just do their own thing, without documenting it, and write proprietary drivers "which make it work" in Windoze and OSX. 

That's not the way ALSA folk are acting. I periodically hear from them 
asking if I could try updating ALSA and seeing if it works. Especially 
since I now seem to be running a kernel they consider acceptable.

>> $8 USB audio dongle? Where did you find such a thing? Tell me more.
> Ebay, about a year ago.

Hmmm ... manufacturer, name, etc?

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