[LAU] Reverb status?

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Thu Aug 2 09:32:14 EDT 2007

On Thu Aug  2 21:42 , Erik de Castro Lopo  sent:

>Ben Firshman wrote:
>> http://www.knufinke.de/sir/sir1.html
>> Free (not open source) convolution reverb that sounds stunning if you 
>> get some decent impulses. It's stable enough to use on WINE, but does 
>> have a tendency to crash.
>With the existance of working FLOSS convolution reverbs (Jace and
>Jconv [0]), there is little need to play around with closed source 
>windows stuff that "does have a tendancy to crash".
>Don't you agree? :-)

    Actually, no.  Most people want a reverb that doesn't require a PhD. to set
up.  They want simple controls and a number of alternative spaces (one of the
reasons I like the TAP Reverberator).  There are a couple of VST reverbs that
sound great and are simple to use.  In the long run, what I'm looking for is
something that sounds good.  I don't really care where it comes from or whether
it's free or "free" or libre or "open source" or shareware or freeware.  If I
could afford a Lexicon reverb unit per track I'd buy a bunch of those and use
them outboard and not worry about the plugins.  So, the bottom line for me is
that it needs to sound good - period.  All other considerations (other than my
limited amount of funds ;-) are irrelevant.


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