[LAU] <OT> 'Sir' Elton John (a.k.a. Pennyhouse with rolls) wants to shut down the web <off topic>

Chuckk Hubbard badmuthahubbard at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 13:17:12 EDT 2007

I think this stuff needs to come back.

I've noticed that some of the technology opens the way for lots of
mediocrity.  But I equate that with democracy.  There's still great stuff
made, and the institution of art/music doesn't belong to anyone.  There was
lots of putrid rock put out in the 60's and 70's that was quickly
forgotten.  I guess the technology of guitar amps and Moog synths really
killed creativity.
But really, Elton mouths off about random stuff on a regular basis.  In my
professional estimation, he doesn't really care either way.  People say crap
like that sitting in all-night diners in the middle of nowhere and who
cares; this is just the same deal but from someone who used to be


On 8/2/07, Vince Werber <ka1iic at prexar.com> wrote:
> Hi folks...
> Sorry but I need to rant...
> On a lark I surfed over to Matt Drudge's web site (www.drudgereport.com)
> to
> see if there was anything new on the ASCAP lawsuits and lo and behold...
> There is a story about Sir Elton wanting to shut down the web because he
> thinks the web music people are in some way causing a problem with
> music...
> You know of whom he speaks... those of us that set up home studios and do
> our
> recordings at home or where ever...  this is a problem?  Interacting is
> important I agree with Mr. Outhouse but... it's not like the music isn't
> being shared... right?  And input is received...
> You read it if you like... you may read it different but...
> Sounds like Mr. Pennyhouse is doing sour grapes because his last album
> sales
> were... errr  dismal...  I thought his first album was a loser but that's
> just me...  He inspires like a hot Vicks enema...
> Or maybe he gave a listen to some of the web music people and realized how
> much better they were doing than he...  It could happen...  I am sure even
> he
> could, with a little help from his friend "Rocketman", learn to use a
> computer too...  also...  too also... :^O
> End of 'official' rant... <heh>
> have a good day and a better tomorrow!!!
> vince (a.k.a. the old crank) in Maine
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