[LAU] usb-2.0 harddisc

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 08:49:35 EDT 2007

USB 2.0 is plenty fast for recording audio tracks. you should not have
a problem with that at all, assuming it's a good disk and the system's
USB implementation is done correctly.

Just mount the drive and run hdparm -tT to get an idea of the drive's
speed. I'm sure it will be fine.


On 8/3/07, Dragan Noveski <perodog at gmx.net> wrote:
> hi list,
> i am here on a ibm laptop with a multiface plugged into the card bus slot.
> since my system harddisc slowly runs out of space, i am trying to figure
> out, what another harddisc i could use, but the only available port i
> have is an usb port.
> my question is, if someone of you have already made any experiences with
> an usb harddisc?
> will that be fast enough?
> in the moment using a system hard disc, i am able to record 16 tracks at
> once without any problems, but since the space there is limited...
> is someone of you using an usb harddisc for recording?
> does anybody has an recomandation for an usb harddisc?
> cheers,
> doc
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