[LAU] stereo-panning/distancing best practice

Andrew Gaydenko a at gaydenko.com
Sun Aug 5 19:41:51 EDT 2007


If I understand well, from "our ears point of view" correct panning
implies (at least) two jobs:

1. intencity differentiating for left and right channels,
2. time delay in accordance with a human head geometry (with 
   probable filtering to emulate a difraction).

Distancing (well, I don't know appropriate english term, I mean
placing a virtual sound source at given distance form listener),
I think, implies appropriate use of reverberations.

Existing stereo-practice (I mean both recording and listening) seems
not to be sutable for reproducing a sound field. Nevertheless I hope
there are some tips to obtain the best result at current audio
stereo-chain (mic - ... - loudspeakers) conditions.

Can anybody supply some links to (free published) articles concerning
the issue?  It would be interesting when we have, as a starting point,
clean (i.e. using near field single mic) mono record.

I'd want to accent, I'm interested in *stereo chain* only rather in
multichannel (>2) systems. I'm sure such panning/distancing technics
exists as I have listened to Chesky test tracks.

Of course, I'll be glad to see less theoretical :) LADSPA-way tips


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