[LAU] Recover ardour session

Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Tue Aug 7 06:02:13 EDT 2007


Alle 02:32, domenica 5 agosto 2007, Marc-Olivier Barre ha scritto:
> Do you still have the .bak file ? the backup might be valid, although
> I'm surprised that you managed to corrupt an .ardour file with just a
> crash...

No, the .bak is the same as the other file! I'm very surprised too! I decided 
to re-record the tracks, by the way. The crash involved the whole system, 
included X. I had to hard-reset to regain control of the computer... It 
looked like what happened with some Nvidia proprietary drivers, that locked 
down just the X server, while the rest was still running and accessible by 
mean of an ssh connection. Next time it happens (I hope it won't happen 
again, though) I'll try if it's like this or not.


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