[LAU] JACK transport in WINE Midi App

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Aug 8 06:46:44 EDT 2007

N. Gey wrote:

>Short question:
>Is it possible to get a WINE programm, like the Noteworthy Composer (http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/) to get in sync with Linux apps like Ardour? 
>And, if not, what would the developers (proprietary software) need to do that under WINE conditions a JACK-Sync is avaible?
Hi Nils,

I just tested NWC under Wine 0.9.9 (JAD distro), it worked very nicely. 
However, I see no indication that the app currently allows any kind of 
sync, MIDI or otherwise. So I think the programmer's first step would be 
to add something like basic MIDI syncronization. One of the Jack devels 
can tell us, but perhaps the upcoming JackMIDI would then be able to 
sync the transport ? I'm just guessing, don't really know.

NWC is a nice app, thanks for the tip. :)



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