[LAU] Wine alsa midi output

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Aug 8 06:51:28 EDT 2007

Chris McCormick wrote:

>Apologies if this is the wrong list, but I figured since it's Linux
>audio related this might be appropriate.
>I am trying to run a [GPL] app under Wine, and read it's midi output
>into Pd. Midi input using alsa works fine now, and there are options
>in the program - modplug tracker - for midi output, but nothing seems
>to come out of any alsa midi channels. I suspect that the default alsa
>midi output is to Midi Through and I just don't know how to redirect alsa
>midi through back into Pd. There is a lot of conflicting information on
>the net about what to do, so I wonder if anyone can tell me if they have
>apps running under Wine which are outputting into a Linux alsa midi app?
>I am running Wine 0.9.25 which is the default in Debian Etch right now.
Hi Chris,

Normally the Windows app should have a MIDI I/O Preferences dialog. I 
select the ports within the app, then route the sends & receives via 
QJackCtl's MIDI connections panel. The apps themselves won't be shown, 
but of course the MIDI Thru and other ports will be there.

Btw, what audio driver are you using with Wine ? I'm getting great 
results from the wineasio driver.



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