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Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Wed Aug 8 08:31:16 EDT 2007

On Wed, Aug 08, 2007 at 07:10:28AM -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:

> About those drums: This was my first attempt sequencing audio loops. 
> "Sequencing" to me has always meant MIDI sequencing, but of course the 
> term now extends to the modern concept of audio/MIDI sequencing. So, in 
> order to stay ahead of my students, I decided to try sequencing some 
> drum loops and writing a song around the resulting pattern. I made some 
> interesting mistakes: for example, I have to use "snap to bar" and not 
> to the region end in Ardour, else the loops gradually get out of sync 
> with the metronome (I naively assumed the loops were neatly trimmed to 
> exact bar lengths).

Modern concept and ahead ... first time I used drumloops was in 1997 and 
it would have been earlier with the right hardware ;)

> I wasn't going to keep the "stumbling" measure, but it reminds me of the 
> kind of thing my drummer would do to keep me awake during the wee hours 
> of a gig. It usually occurs after we've had a "discussion" on our break 
> out in his van...

Heh, that fits to how I perceive that fill quite well :)

> More weirdness. After constructing the drum pattern my original plan was 
> to record a simple instrumental. Then words popped into my head, then I 
> was singing, then I realized the pattern was too short for intro and 
> outro sections, so I just said "WTF" and worked with what I had. Maybe 
> I'll lengthen the whole thing, maybe not. The recording really only 
> serves the purpose of giving me something to show to my bandmates for 
> them to learn the tune, so it's not nearly so completely constructed as 
> a live performance would make it. But sometimes I just get carried away 
> with Ardour...
> Did that make any sense ? ;-)

Sure. Nice to have some background.

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