[LAU] Suggested video card

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Aug 13 05:15:03 EDT 2007

Hein Zelle wrote:
> Marc-Olivier Barre wrote:
>> Intel is the only graphic card manufacturer that I know of that
>> provide full specs of there card so devs can actually develop a _real_
>> driver, without spending years to reverse engineer stuff. The
>> consequence is simple : intel cards run better than huge nvidia or ati
>> cards. They are also lower profile and much cheaper.
> I fully agree with supporting manufacturers that provide information
> for free drivers, so go ahead and buy intel if you can.  However, I'm
> not sure I agree with the "run better" part - in my experience the
> nvidia drivers do generally function very well, especially when going
> to 3D applications.  The disadvantages become apparent when you have
> to recompile your video driver every time the kernel changes.
> A more important question though: are intel video
> cards even sold separately?  All I've seen sofar is on-board intel video
> chipsets.  If a separate card card exists, please post a model number
> so I can look for it in future purchases.

Yes, please, my laptop has onboard Intel video and it steals 64MB of 
system memory that I'd rather be using for other things.

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