[LAU] Goodbye ReplyTo munging...

Matthias Schönborn mbs1303 at gmx.de
Tue Aug 14 09:52:04 EDT 2007

> > And even in learning piano the teachers doesn't start with 10-fingers
> > high-class etudes from Chopin,
> Not Chopin, but you're supposed to use all fingers from page 1,
> just not all of them at the same time. Been there.

... And if you start by just using two fingers it's much harder to switch to 
ten fingers later on! Maybe because of that there are so many complaints?

> > Some time back I managed a mailinglist with 99% windows-users and
> > therefor _known_ about their problems with the concepts and
> > replyToMunging was _very_ helpful!

Well... we're on a Linux-list ;-)

> Maybe the Mailman web pages where people subscribe to a list should offer
> some advice to newbies (I assume they don't subscribe by mail :-).

Yes, I think you're right. That's the place where people first look at if they 
look for information, especially if they haven't used a list before. And if 
they subscribe per mail, they don't need those info because they know how it 
works. Maybe someone could update the webpage and write a little getting 
started tutorial, now that munging is off?
And what about, say, a monthly mail that explains the system?

And now... back to learning Theoretical Physics!! YAY!!


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