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Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sun Aug 19 10:37:52 EDT 2007


Am Sonntag, 19. August 2007 schrieb Chuckk Hubbard:
> Awesome!  I hope to use my laptop for live audio soon too.  Mine also seems
> to function well at 3x128, at 44.1k.  Did you use any audio module besides
> the internal card?  If you can get that good performance with duplex, I'm
> curious what soundcard you have.  I plan on using a Zoom H4 USB
> mic/interface, and it works okay with that as input and my internal card
> for output... but I'm curious.

As I said I use _not_ the internal soundcard (allmost all internal soundcards 
suck big time) but my Presonus Firepod (not Firebox as I originally 
stated...) which is a firewire-device. I wanted to do 3x64 which would have 
been possible but after the problems in the rehearsal I somehow stuck to 
3x128 which was still good enough for live effects.

Btw: You don want to use two different devices for input and output 
simultaneously, they will never sync (unless you do some syncing 
electronically). Search this lists archive for details why this is not going 
to work without _lots_ of work... In the end its not worth the price unless 
you have no/little money and lots of time and fancy the challenge.
To simply have it working its far easier to just buy a device of decent 

Another thing I forgot to write is the fact that I used Japa (thanks to Fons 
for adding the noise-generators) to setup the PA. Worked like a charm and got 
us two physicist really happy talking about FFT and resonances and so on. :-)

Have a nice week(-end),

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