[LAU] Ubuntu Studio and Delta 1010

Eric Hidle ehidle at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 19 19:50:20 EDT 2007

I have Ubuntu Studio and a Delta 1010 card... I'm up against a problem and I 
am stumped, so I'm hoping someone can help.

The card is recognized, at least jackd can see it and start up just fine. It 
shows hw:1 as the M-Audio Delta 1010LT and hw1.0 as the ICE1712 Multi. It 
can start using qjackctl using either.

The Envy24 mixer also starts and appears to work fine.

Ardour (the goal) also starts and can map tracks to the various inputs.

Here's the problem. No sound. At all. Nothing. I tried all of the inputs and 
the envy24 mixer sees nothing, Ardour sees nothing. I used the patchbay to 
patch one of the inputs to one of the outputs and piped my mp3 player into 
it  - and got nothing on the output.

It's like the PCI interface to the card is just fine and the control backend 
works, but the audio section is uninitialized or something.

Has anyone had any luck with this. FWIW, I installed the card after Ubuntu 
was installed, so I don't know if the installation scripts would have done 
anything differently had the card been there at installation.

Any help would be SO greatly appreciated...
Thanks in advance

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