[LAU] which apps to choose for the job and how to set things up?

Chuckk Hubbard badmuthahubbard at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 11:13:28 EDT 2007

On 8/19/07, Julien Claassen <julien at c-lab.de> wrote:
> Hi!
>   I think you might try ardour. I know it can host and record
> VST-generated
> sounds. At least I believe so. Anyone can confrim?
>   With your setup, it seems to me you might want to kick timidity++ out of
> your chain. Timidity plays sounds using its own sounds (GUS-patches or
> soundfonts), if not for me it had a great latency. I don't know exactly
> about
> freeST, but it might have it's own midi port. So in an xterm or on the
> console
> you may try:
> aconnect -li
> and
> aconnect -lo
>   This will display all alsasequencer midi-ports currently in existence.
> You
> can also use some graphical patchbay to do the same. I think ghostess is a
> nice one, just search for "patchbay", you should get a list of them.
>   Then connect your rosegarden midi-out (if it has one) to your freeVST in
> (if
> that has one) and connect your FreeVST jack_output to audacity. So take
> the

I'm also fond of the aconnect solution.  You aren't reliant on how the
sequencer's developers decided to set things up.  Is there any loss of
timing, anyone?  Although right now, Csound's ALSA midi output isn't working
for me.
I haven't been able to get Rosegarden to load Csound's csLADSPA, perhaps it
doesn't use LADSPA_PATH to search for plugins.  It has its own plugin
directory.  I know Rosegarden is pretty and a bit more developed, but Muse
seems to be more useful sometimes.  Of course neither one has an interface
like some of the commercial programs- yet- but I think it'll happen,

I haven't used Ardour much, I understand it's pretty cool, but you could
totally use Audacity for both steps 2 and 3.
ALTHOUGH, I read that someone was commissioned to add MIDI sequencing to
Ardour!  So maybe in another few months, Ardour could be the only program
necessary for the whole process!  Future Linux composers will look back and
say "How did they manage like that?"


following example:
> aconnect -li
> 16: soundcard midi
> 128: FreeVst
> aconnect -lo
> 16: soundcard
> 129: rosegarden
> aconnect 129 128 # rosegarden-output to freevst
> jack_lsp
> [...] # soundcard ports
> Audacity:in_1
> Audacity:in_2
> Audacity:out_1
> Audacity:out_2
> FreeVST:out_1
> FreeVST:out_2
> jack_connect FreeVST:out_1 Audacity:in_1
> jack_connect FreeVST:out_2 Audacity:in_2
> And then start your rosegarden. If rosegarden sends a proper start-control
> for
> all the apps, recording and playback will start simultaneously.
>   Another choice for rosegarden might be: MuSE (not sure about the
> capital-letters in there. At least it can do audio and midi in one tool. I
> don't know about ardour's capacity to playback MIDI-files, but it might
> also
> be achoice, although a very powerful - and with that - probably moe
> complex
> choice.
>   Hope that helps!
>   Kindest regards
>          Julien
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