[LAU] which apps to choose for the job and how to set things up?

Dominic Arsenault dominic.arsenault at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 13:22:57 EDT 2007

Thanks a lot, Julien, for your "tutorial". I have successfully set things up
and managed to get sound and all! Only problem is I have too much lag. I
think I would have to install the realtime kernel, and try my USB Audiophile
soundcard. I'm pretty worn out from these weeks of struggling though.
Yesterday I launched my Windows laptop and within two hours had completed
the MIDI to VST output process. That was so nice. I think I'll stick with it
and record the VSTI-ed output in wav files, then send them over to my Linux
pc for the audio recording and editing (which works very well without
problems). If I ever get a problem with my laptop I'll try my hand in
returning to a Linux VSTI set-up, but for now I'm exhausted, and I'd rather
cross the river if my current bridge ever fails. I hope the next Ardour
release will give an easier time to aspiring Linux musicians with specific
needs (I realize I was asking for something pretty specific. "standard"
audio and MIDI isn't that hard to get). Thankfully, the user community is
very supportive! :)


On 8/20/07, Chuckk Hubbard <badmuthahubbard at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/19/07, Julien Claassen <julien at c-lab.de> wrote:
> >
> > Hi!
> >   I think you might try ardour. I know it can host and record
> > VST-generated
> > sounds. At least I believe so. Anyone can confrim?
> >   With your setup, it seems to me you might want to kick timidity++ out
> > of
> > your chain. Timidity plays sounds using its own sounds (GUS-patches or
> > soundfonts), if not for me it had a great latency. I don't know exactly
> > about
> > freeST, but it might have it's own midi port. So in an xterm or on the
> > console
> > you may try:
> > aconnect -li
> > and
> > aconnect -lo
> >   This will display all alsasequencer midi-ports currently in existence.
> > You
> > can also use some graphical patchbay to do the same. I think ghostess is
> > a
> > nice one, just search for "patchbay", you should get a list of them.
> >   Then connect your rosegarden midi-out (if it has one) to your freeVST
> > in (if
> > that has one) and connect your FreeVST jack_output to audacity. So take
> > the
> I'm also fond of the aconnect solution.  You aren't reliant on how the
> sequencer's developers decided to set things up.  Is there any loss of
> timing, anyone?  Although right now, Csound's ALSA midi output isn't working
> for me.
> I haven't been able to get Rosegarden to load Csound's csLADSPA, perhaps
> it doesn't use LADSPA_PATH to search for plugins.  It has its own plugin
> directory.  I know Rosegarden is pretty and a bit more developed, but Muse
> seems to be more useful sometimes.  Of course neither one has an interface
> like some of the commercial programs- yet- but I think it'll happen,
> gradually.
> I haven't used Ardour much, I understand it's pretty cool, but you could
> totally use Audacity for both steps 2 and 3.
> ALTHOUGH, I read that someone was commissioned to add MIDI sequencing to
> Ardour!  So maybe in another few months, Ardour could be the only program
> necessary for the whole process!  Future Linux composers will look back and
> say "How did they manage like that?"
> -Chuckk
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