[LAU] "modlys" - music made with linux.

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 11:34:39 EDT 2007

José Pedro Ferreira wrote:

> I agree, the clicks are anoying. Except from that, it's great.

Still surprised. Now I've grown so used to it, that I think the only
thing to do (besides leave it as it is) would be to remove it, listen
awhile without and experiment with other sounds.

Basically what I was trying to to was to have
something-else-than-an-actual-drum on two and four. Since the rest of
the track is pretty unclear about downbeats I wanted something not
normally associated with a backbeat. The "clicks" are an attempt (in
zynaddsubfx) to emulate the beep of a digital wrist watch...

Not that an explanation makes it sound any better :-)

> What linux software are you using?

All sounds are zynaddsubfx, ardour for vocals.

peace, love & harmony

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