[LAU] Synths (software vs hardware, speed)

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Thu Aug 23 20:12:25 EDT 2007

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On Thu, Aug 23, 2007 at 07:38:05PM +0200, David Adler wrote:
> >
> >Also, I would love to be able to mix together two or more instruments- 
> >and be able to specify the range, volume and fading of each one.
> >As an example, so that I could have something like:
> >1. Piano sound- for everything except the last octave
> >2. Bass guitar- Mainly on lower half of the keyboard, fades out 
> >towards the middle
> >3. Flute or something- just on the last octave
> >
> >
> Maybe have a look at QMidiRoute.
> http://alsamodular.sourceforge.net/

The tarball I downloaded of qmidiroute-0.2.1.tar.bz2, has no configure, no scons, no Makefile.

It does have a "make_qmidiroute" file (and the README doesn't inform the user to use "make -f make_qtmidiroute").

Also, the make_qmidiroute file appears to expect to find moc in /usr/lib/qt3/bin, but on my system (Debian Sid) the moc stuff is /usr/bin/moc (and /usr/bin/moc-qt3).

Looks like an interesting program but I don't want to arse with the makefile stuff right now. If someone has a patch to make it compile on Debian Sid then I'll be glad to try it.

- -ken
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