[LAU] water-damaged rhodes ?

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sat Aug 25 08:27:30 EDT 2007


As some of you know, my hometown (Findlay OH) was hit by rather severe 
weather recently, including some impressive floods. I escaped any 
serious damage, but my garage and utility room were flooded. The water 
came up to my doorstep and stopped, thankfully, so the main dwelling 
space was untouched. All my gear is safe and intact.

A large storage facility is near my house, and almost everything in the 
sheds has been thrown out and piled by the streets for trash pickup. 
When I walked by the piles this morning I noticed a case with a "Rhodes 
Instrument" label. I opened it, it's a mini-Rhodes, and other than the 
water damage it appears to in good condition. I packed it into my truck, 
and now I own a mini-Rhodes that needs cleaned and possibly repaired.

So, how should I clean this thing ? My thought is to simply open it up 
and hose it down to get any crap out of its box, then I'll let it dry 
and try firing it up to see if it works. Any other advice or suggestions 
for this project ?

Btw, if I get it working I'll sell it locally. It's too heavy to ship, 
it reminds of my bad old band days when we carted a B3 and a full-sized 
Rhodes. I admit to missing the great sounds from those instruments, but 
my back won't bear the strain these days. ;-)



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