[LAU] JACK sample browser?

Nathaniel Virgo nathanielvirgo at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 11:31:26 EDT 2007

Hi List,

Recently I've been using SuperCollider a lot but one problem I'm having is
that it's hard to audition samples while JACK is running.  I was wondering
if there's a graphical JACK app with a file browser which allows one to
easily hear samples (preferably just by clicking once on them) and to copy
their path (so I can then paste it into SuperCollider if I want to use that

I'm guessing these features are likely to appear in the open file dialogue
of something like a simple sample editor, but it seemed easier to ask the
list than to go through every such application and see if it has the ability
to quickly audition samples (I don't want to have to load each one into the
sample editor first as I want to be able to quickly compare several samples
- I'm looking for a file dialogue with a "play" function that doesn't close
the dialogue).  IIRC Ardour can do this but it seems a bit of a heavyweight
app just to audition samples.

Or alternatively, if there's a little command-line jack sample player (like
aplay except that it can be used while JACK is running) I could use that

Thanks in advance,
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