[LAU] Please help the newbie set up USB interface.

Paul DeShaw zaltar at myway.com
Sat Aug 25 18:19:55 EDT 2007


I am at a loss how to make JACK recognize and connect my M-Audio Ozone MIDI keyboard controller/audio interface. I have searched the archives here, as well as Ubuntu forums.  Is there anywhere else I could look?  So far I have been able to use the Ozone as the soundcard for some applications, including (finally) Rosegarden.  I can play a MIDI file with some synth plugins.  I cannot control anything from the Ozone; it is not recognized by JACK as a MIDI client.  I was also getting tons of xruns, but I fiddled with the frame rate and other parameters, and it seems to be much better now.

I am running Ubuntu Studio (32 bit) on an AMD 64 processor.

The graphics card is a low-end ATI, built in to the cheap ECS mobo. I am at a coffee shop now and can't get the exact models.

Please tell me what else you need to know.

Would I be better off with another interface? This one came with my Pro Tools setup, and I would like to save money by using it in everything.  If I can successfully migrate to Linux for audio, I could get rid of the Ozone (and Pro Tools! Free at last!), but would like to stick with USB so I can use it with my Apple laptop (MacBook with Intel Core Duo at 2GHz).  That's what I run Pro Tools on, and, hopefully, Ubuntu Studio at some point.

My needs are simple.  A few vocal tracks,  maybe up to 3 guitar tracks, some synth chords and bass.  Pretty much just folksy, mostly acoustic stuff.  It shouldn't be too hard, but I've been at it for about a year now, without success.


Paul in Seattle

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