[LAU] Re: [LAA] horgand v1.11 released

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Aug 31 06:12:44 EDT 2007

David Baron wrote:
> Mine gives me:
> horgand 1.11 - Copyright (c) 2003-2007 Josep Andreu (Holborn)
> Try 'horgand --help' for command-line options.
> mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/david/.horgand': File exists
> cannot open audio device plughw:0,0
> It is easy enough to get rid of the directory which only contains some 
> samples. However, best practice is to test for existance first and create 
> only if need be.
> However, the second error disables the program. Jack is running fine but there 
> is no "plughw:0,0". Just hw:0 and hw:1 with 0,0 variants in the qjackctl 
> setup.
> 1.07 works fine.
hi david, it could be possible that you first have to start horgand 
without jackd runnung, it will start in alsa mode, than go to 
preferences, adjust jack as a driver, exit horgand, and than first start 
jackd and than horgand again.
at least i had this issue with horgand sometimes, since it seems that 
horgand is programed to use alsa as default.

well, i am almost sure...


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