[LAU] Hardware synths

Rob lau at kudla.org
Sat Dec 1 10:21:42 EST 2007

On Saturday 01 December 2007 03:08, David Griffith wrote:
> Another thing that hardware synths have over software is the user
> interface.  You just can't get the kind of flexibility that you
> have when you reach out and grab cables and frob knobs.

Well, there are controllers out there with a lot of knobs and sliders. 
I have one myself. But I haven't had time to get my sliders working 
with Bristol as drawbars, for example, or to get my knobs working 
with Zyn, and that's something I do see as a drawback.... but the 
lack of controller standardization is really the fault of the 
hardware makers, not the Linux synth authors.

I've played and owned a lot of hardware synths over the years, but 
ever since I realized 10 years ago that I could get a recording of a 
software synth with no analog hiss, I haven't played hardware synths 
at all.  Once I got my little Edirol controller, I put them all in 
storage and will probably sell them someday if they still work, 
though someone just gave me a CZ-101 and I may give in to nostalgia 
for a while first.  I was tempted by that Korg vocoder one that came 
out a couple years ago, but.... no SPDIF, no deal.

Maybe someday it'd be possible through the existence of LASH to create 
a standard control set (I assume LASH sessions include things like 
MIDI control mapping) and write "drivers" for all our controllers to 
map the physical controls to that control set.  But I probably 
wouldn't be able to contribute much to that aside from a 
few "drivers", because LASH is magic to me.


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