[LAU] gneutronica and jack?

rob rob at curates-egg.org
Tue Dec 4 12:32:07 EST 2007

Ken Restivo wrote:
> I decided to mess about with gneutronica.
> It looks like a project from 2005, latest update is 2006.
> The docs make very brief mention of JACK support, but the code doesn't have the word "jack" anywhere in it, and of course the makefile does NOT link the program with libjack, so, no jack support.
> Did anyone ever add that? Is gneutronica a dead project?
Gneutronica is a MIDI sequencer, and does not generate any audio.

I chatted with the author about enhancements some time ago (for drum 
sequencing I prefer something that looks like drum score),  but I guess 
he hasn't had time.


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