[LAU] Piano and bass

Miguel M therevoltingx at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 15:15:43 EST 2007

Hmm, if you want a realistic sounding bass I would suggest plugging in
your guitar to jack-rack (or some similar effects program) and use a
pitch shifter to shift the pitch down by 50%.  

As for a piano to get you started just use something easy to use like

On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 13:01 +0100, schoappied wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie when it comes to audio and linux...
> I play the guitar by myself, with the help of software like jack and 
> jack-rack.
> The drums comes from Hydrogen.
> But where can I get the bass and the electric piano on Linux?
> Best regards,
> Dirk
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