[LAU] emi 2 | 6: after upgrade from ubuntustudio 7.04-7.10, alsa works, but no jack

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Dec 4 17:14:59 EST 2007

howdood wrote:

> Are you sure jack is trying to use the USB card? my USB cards have never
> been hw:0
> Yes - when I first installed feisty studio, I had to turn off the internal
> sound card in the bios, because it was causing problems - so the system only
> finds the USB audio.

Interestingly, in my machines, turning off internal sound cards in the 
BIOS makes no difference to Linux whatsoever - Linux still finds the 
card and installs support for it.

Perhaps it depends on which integrated sound chip is there?

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