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Wed Dec 5 10:27:00 EST 2007

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FWIW, which may not be much, there is a pretty good book on the current
version of Gimp  It's called _Beginning Gimp: From Novice to Professional_
by Akkana Peck.  The previous books I've read have all been unhelpful
recitations of the functions behind the menu choices and the tools.  But
this book actually tells you how to do some actual projects.  Here
is a link to it on Amazon.


Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
> Is it possible for the Gimp to be more obtuse ?!
> I have an image. I want to add simple text to it. I want that text to be 
> white, not black.
> I've wasted the last half-hour reading out-of-date instructions and 
> trying unworkable solutions. I'm giving up on the Gimp and I figure 
> there must be an easier way to do what I want, so once again I turn to 
> the masters.
> What would you use to do this ?
> Best,
> dp
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