[LAU] [OT] gimp frustrations

Rob lau at kudla.org
Fri Dec 7 02:03:37 EST 2007

On Friday 07 December 2007 01:47, david wrote:
> software, or even semi-proprietary apps like Xara for Linux. GIMP
> is closer to being competitive with the commercial apps, but it is
> sure is confusing to use!

Luckily for Gimp, so is Photoshop.... but since Photoshop has such an 
enormous user base and no one ships GimpShop with their major Linux 
distro, I really think Gimp could still use a much more intuitive 

I mean, after I spend a couple weeks setting up my keyboard shortcuts 
and stuff, I'm a whiz with Gimp 2.2.  Someone using it every day 
would be much more so.  

But you know, I'd still be a whiz after a couple weeks if Gimp had an 
(optional, because of the ABM crowd) MDI interface, better menu and 
tool layout, and more intuitive docking of toolboxes and whatnot, and 
people who use it less often or for the first time wouldn't have as 
many problems of the sort you've had.  

User-friendly and newbie-friendly needn't be mutually exclusive; just 
look at Firefox.


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