[LAU] Alsa drives me crazy at bootup...

thomas fisher studio1 at commspeed.net
Fri Dec 7 11:10:48 EST 2007

On Monday 03 December 2007 00:35:11 Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello,
> since no one can help me on <debian-user-german> I need to ask here.
> I have an AsusTek A7V600-X with a via82xx_audio OnBoard and then two
> Creative Labs SB 5.1 Live!
> I want to use it following:
> 	VIA	System sounds and warnings (I get additional
> 		mesages over the network via rplay)
> 	SB 1	Normal Audio (Ardour, Xmms, ...)
> 	SB 2	KPhone (without KDE)
> My problem is, that ALL modules are oaded but alsa not want to use my
> SB 1.  ALSA configure only VIA...  I have to call every time I booted
> up "asaconf" to set it up but the next time I boot, I need to do it
> again.
> Please, can anyone tellme, HOW to setup the three-Devices permanently?
> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
>     Michelle Konzack

I cannot tell you any specifics but you may have an interrupt conflict.
Changing the physical order in the machine sometimes helps.

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