[LAU] A year of Linux Audio revisited - would like to know your oppinion

Rob lau at kudla.org
Tue Dec 11 14:29:04 EST 2007

On Tuesday 11 December 2007 12:14, Charles Linart wrote:
> Many good songs are completely ruined by overproduction.  

In your opinion, of course.  My own opinion is that production and 
arrangement are more important to the impact of a piece than the 
skill of its players, with composition being the most important of 
all.  You'll say I'm wrong, and you will be wrong.

But neither of our opinions matter to people who are looking at Linux 
audio tools and finding them lacking.  Saying "That feature that I've 
never heard of sucks, and if you use it, your style of music sucks" 
doesn't come off as an indictment of commercialism so much as it 
resembles sour grapes.

If you're happy with Linux audio being as limited as a glorified tape 
recorder, that's fine, but some of us have higher ambitions.


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