[LAU] A year of Linux Audio revisited - would like to know your oppinion

Sebastian Tschöpel tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Tue Dec 11 17:30:46 EST 2007


bradley newton haug wrote:
> at what point did I say that anything about classical vs 'modern'.

First you said....
"We've been making music for tens of thousands of years, it seems to me 
you're the one blaming your tools."

... that might be correct. but when you proceeded with....

"again, if you can't record music with a 'record' and 'stop' button. 
Nothing can really help you. "

... it came in my mind: what kind of music you cannot record with a 
'record' and 'stop' button and
that has to be all kinds of music that are based on something else than 
"real" instruments.

examples: a lot of sample-based music like electronica or early hip hop 
stuff. you have to sample,
cut the samples, load them into some kind of a memory to play them via 
drumpads or a keyboard.
and you need tools to do that.

and every kind of music that is not based on "real" instruments 
(incuding the voice or even two
sticks some apes slammed on the ground ten thousands of years ago) is - 
as far as i didn't forget anything -
based on software or at least some kind of an digital circuit and 
therefore something we don't
have for very long.....

That's why I assumed you meant a problem of modern music when suddenly 
people can
make "music" who couldn't produce anything with just a play/stop tape 
recorder (or similar)

Whatever..... one thing is a fact - at least for me: There are a lot of 
musicians outthere who
are using tools to create sounds or music - equal if they are able to 
play an instrument to record
music by pressing stop and play - by clicking and rotating pixel, never 
with a need for a real instrument.

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