[LAU] A year of Linux Audio revisited - would like to know your oppinion

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Dec 12 03:02:24 EST 2007

drew Roberts wrote:

> I dream of something that I could sing known songs to and that could 
> then "calibrate" to my poor voice (I can't carry a tune) and then adjust the 
> pitch to match the known notes.... Then, look for patterns in how I am off 
> and learn my failings... Then, listen to new, unknown, tunes and adjust those 
> according to the learned patterns. And then notate the melody. Then I could 
> listen to that and see if it is what is in my head, let me adjust it on 
> screen. Then sing again and match the now known melody...

There may be voice training software like that around somewhere, at
least in teaching people to sing along with a known melody.

> Not a bad dream. Perhaps some day... Or perhaps some day something may click 
> inside my head and I might learn to sing.

Interesting thing I remembered. When Neal Diamond started, he couldn't
read or write music at all. For anything. He didn't know music theory or
harmony or anything. Yet he created almost every part of his early
songs. How? He would sing what he wanted it (let's say a guitar bass
line) to sound like, and go back and forth with the bassist until it
sounded the way he wanted. Then he'd to the same thing for every other
instrument he wanted in the arrangement. (Of course, he is a rather
skilled singer.) He only knew how he wanted it to sound.

Several years later, possibly as much as ten years, he finally learned
to read and write music, learned harmony theory, etc. IMHO, *he stopped
sounding like himself* and started sounding like the way everyone else
wrote songs. But of course he was a big commercial success by then and
he no longer had any reason to sound unique.

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