[LAU] A year of Linux Audio revisited - would like to know your oppinion

Sebastian Tschöpel tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Wed Dec 12 06:00:08 EST 2007

Hello Chris,

> And sadly I only have eight 
> hands and three heads and there are only 132 hours in the day.

At first: lol.

Secondly, I really appreciate your work and I would never complain about 
concerning your dedication or how fast some tool gets developed.

> Your remark about the unhelpfulness of comparing Rosegarden with Cubase 
> arrived on the same day that we removed an introductory note that made that 
> comparison from the Rosegarden website. 

I wanted to pick up that exact sentence as an example and I was glad to 
see that you removed it.

> Although it's sometimes helpful as a 
> quick answer to "what the hell is this program with this meaningless name 
> supposed to be for?"

A quick "an open-source audio/midi sequencer & score editor" would be 
enough. In
my oppinion. This way, you don't get in trouble being compared to such a 
tool like Cubase,
since this is like comparing apples and oranges.

> A related point is that stronger "competition" might also have been 
> beneficial.  [...]  But 
> it's more important to maintain your own interest by doing the things you 
> really want to see done.

I cannot say anything about that, but I think this thought is very 

Thanks for you comment.

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