[LAU] [OT] modelines ?

Paul set at pobox.com
Thu Dec 13 02:51:08 EST 2007

Dave Phillips <dlphillips at woh.rr.com>, on Thu Nov 29, 2007 [06:15:19 AM] said:
> Greetings,
> The config.xml file for AVSynthesis includes a setting for the window size :
>     width="1280" height="1024" fullscreen="false"
> Alas, setting it to anything other than the current screen dimensions 
> results in a non-start. The program simply reports that the requested 
> screen size can't be created.
>  From what I've learned so far, it appears that I need to set modelines 
> for other screen dimensions. The modelines are *not* the same things as 
> the Mode settings in the Screen section of xorg.conf, but I'm not clear 
> on how to find what they should be or how to enter them into xorg.conf. 
> Btw, I do have various modes set in my Screen section, but that doesn't 
> seem to matter to AVSynthesis. I'd like to resolve this problem, because 
> AVS saves its rendered files in the current screen size (1280x1024), and 
> I'd like to save them in a smaller size.
> So once again I turn to the deep minds of LAU for assistance. Any 
> suggestions ? The cards and monitors in question are:
> GeForce 7300GS with Envision EN-910e (JAD)
> GeForce 7600GS with Sony Trinitron E200 (64 Studio)
> TIA!
> Best,
> dp

	Modelines really shouldnt be required unless you have certain
requirements in regard to the timings. A modern Xorg server will 
have a billion built-in modes, and it will make all of them available
that are within the constraints of your monitors specs and the available
clock settings of your video card.
	So, usually under the Screen section, you specify the resolutions
you personall want under the Modes. Then, these will be available for
you to easily cycle between via ctrl-alt-<plus> and ctrl-alt-<minus>
(+/- on the num-pad). Xorg will have chosen the best refresh for the
resolutions that does not endanger your monitor.
	Now, in this case, the virtual size of the desktop will still
be the size of the largest Mode. You may have to leave out a higher
res if this is a problem, or just run another X server on another
	The 'xrandr' command can also list all available resolutions
and refresh rates and allow you to force one.
set at pobox.com

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