[LAU] Strange problems with Audacity

Sebastian Tschöpel tschoseb at tu-cottbus.de
Fri Dec 14 08:21:34 EST 2007


i've got a question because I don't know where else to search.....
I tried working with Audacity for a while. I tried different versions, 
rpm-packages, installing
via package manager, compiling from source (all successful), as root and 
user and so on....

But everytime when I try to start audacity (with jack running or not) I 
get a friendly
but plain:

"Segmentation fault"

When I try it a second time, nothing happens and then a zombie-like 
audacity process
can be found in the process list that even can't be killed by killall or 
kill pid.

I use openSuse10.2/JAD1.0 and I would be glad for any suggestion.

Best regards,


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