[LAU] A year of Linux Audio revisited - would like to know your oppinion

Robert Persson ireneshusband at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 00:42:04 EST 2007

Paul Davis wrote:
>    1) the problem with JACK configuration is, to the best of my
> knowledge, ALWAYS caused by either incorrect system configuration (i.e.
> no authorization for the user to user realtime scheduling or memory
> locking, in turn caused by incorrect setup or the wrong version of PAM
> or its equivalent) OR by the use of specific hardware that requires
> different defaults than the ones JACK picks on its own. Problems in the
> first category are NOT solvable by JACK - they can only be solved by
> distributions (or users if they want to try it). Problems in the second
> category: well, here is where JACK could maybe do a better job and
> automatically pick a better set of defaults. However, at this point this
> is hard to do - there is no simple way for us to identify which hardware
> requires different values. So, once again, this is a problem that
> doesn't lie entirely within JACK's domain. It is also not clear to us
> that 
On my system, as well as the problem of clients being disconnected, jack
itself crashes a lot. I did not notice this problem until I started
using the SVN version. Jackd definitely gets realtime priority, albeit
using realtime-lsm (I didn't get very far with PAM). From what you have
said, this means that I must have a problem with configuration for the
hardware. I have an Audigy 2. Are there any weird settings I need to use
for this card to get jack running smoothly?


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