[LAU] Strange problems with Audacity

Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Sat Dec 15 13:35:53 EST 2007

Am Samstag, 15. Dezember 2007 schrieb Sebastian Tschöpel:
> Hello James,
> thanks for your reply.
>  > You could confirm it by trying to open the capture device using a
>  > simpler utility, such as arecord.  If you get the same result, then you
>  > have nicely excluded audacity from the problem, and identified the
>  > kernel driver as likely cause.
> The ice1712 is the module for my Terratec Phase88/Envy24 Chipset soundcard
> which I successfully use all the time with any other audiosoftware on my 
> linux machine.
>  > What I recommend ... check for a more recent kernel in whatever
>  > distribution you are using.
> Hmm. Nothing available at the moment. It looks like they're working on a
> openSuse 10.3 based JAD release but there is just a source available 
> that could
> still be unstable.
interesting, I use a Delta1010LT, and never saw something like this. Audacity 
isn't the most stable piece of software for me either, but the worst things
happening for me are crashes when changing the driver backend, or even when 
stopping transport sometimes.

If you refer to the new jacklab openSUSE-10.3 repo at ftp.gwdg.de, the 
kernel-source package there was made because Novell/SUSE didn't supplied one, 
and it is needed to build kernel modules (nvidia etc.). It exactly matches the 
standard openSUSE 10.3 kernel-rt package.

>  >  rebuild the kernel ...
> O.o .... now you said the three magic words that makes me get shivers 
> down my spine.
> I use the JAD kernel-rt-2.6.19-5.i586 Thats all I can say. 
> Unfortunately, I haven't got any clue
> about how to recompile/change/patch a kernel. :(

The 10.3 kernel-rt, recompiled for JAD with CONFIG_HZ=1000 can be found here: 
http://people.jacklab.net/appleonkel/RPMS/, 32 and 64 bit.

Alas, for this one there's no kernel-source package available, sorry.


> Best regards,
> Sebastian.
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