[LAU] from cassette/LP to cd (which hardware?)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Dec 18 11:21:41 EST 2007

Save yourself some trouble and don't use your average onboard soundcard. At 
least take something that's external like a simple usb device or at least a 
nice PCI soundcard. I know creative has some USB-cards, don't know: are they 
supported? Anyone?
  For two reasons: 1. when you record you might get extract unwanted 
noise/buzzing. 2. For playback, you might hear something trying to clean up, 
but there's really nothing there.
  Best do it with headphones or nice speakers, connect you PC to your stereo, 
if you've got an OK one.
  If you're really cleaning records, not tapes, I think it's wise to use your 
cards mic-inputs or use a good phono-amp. Otherwise my bet would be do it as 
simple and short as possible. So exclude everything that's not needed, it 
might add additional "audio dirt".
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