[LAU] Some kmix questions

Bob van der Poel bob at mellowood.ca
Tue Dec 18 11:23:04 EST 2007

Robert Persson wrote:
> Bob van der Poel wrote:
>> I'm running kde and have kmix as the mixer. I a little pop-up which is 
>> supposed to be a volume slider ... problem is that is really isn't. Not 
>> with my 24/96 card. Here's the problem: the card uses 2 channels, both 
>> labeled ADC to control the left and right volumes. I can assign one or 
>> the other to the <main volume> slider, but it only effects one channel. 
>> So, is there a way to tie the 2 together so I can easily control volume?
>> Now, the reason I got to this at all is that I got a new keyboard 
>> (computer, not music) and it has some multimedia buttons on it. I've got 
>>   volume-up/down and mute. The mute displays a nice Mute-On or Mute-Off 
>> message, but does nothing. And the up/down displays a nice slider and 
>> appears to do the same as kmix. Again, I need to tie the 2 sides 
>> together for this. Also, I have no idea of what the program for the 
>> multi-media keys is, but I assume it is kmix.
> I have a different problem to yours with kmix and my audigy 2, in that
> what is supposed to be the balance control does nothing when you move it
> to the left, but fades the volume to zero when you move it right (and
> then won't restore the volume when you centre it again). Although I have
> not found any of the other various mixers for alsa to be completely
> satisfactory, I have not been able to duplicate this particular problem
> with any of them, which suggests to me that kmix has some problems
> peculiar to itself. So it might be worth your while trying another mixer.
> I have got better mileage out of kamix myself. However when I am
> completely stuck I use gamix. It's not pretty, and many of the sliders
> aren't labelled (at least not for the Audigy 2), but it should allow (or
> at least it allows me) to control pretty well every mixer parameter on
> your sound card.
> Robert

If I want to actually do mixing I use alsamixergui which seems to do 
most of what I need to do.

I just don't see that any mixer other than kmix will dock into the kde 
toolbar. Nor do I see anyway to set the multimedia keys to anything 
other than the defaults, which appears to be kmix (but I'm not sure).

Oh, tried gamix this morning and it's a nice little demo of core dumps 
:) Can't find kamix in my ubuntu packages.

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