[LAU] Which soundcard?

Studio 32 32studio at live.com
Wed Dec 19 13:30:25 EST 2007


I want to buy a new soundcard. I want to use it with Ardour and Jack on Debian/ studio64 and want to play and record guitar and voice with it.
I would be happy if I could connect a least one guitar and two mics.

Also need to record some LP's to cd with it... 

Some say buy a m-audio Mobile pre, others something like a m-audio audiophile 2496. What the difference and what’s better? Can you use a mobile pre also with a mixer (for if I decide to buy such a thing later in my career ;) )?

I thougt that a m-audio usb is maybe less fragile then a pci-card and easier to change from pc to pc (which is not really needed) ...

Right now I just have a onboard soundcard (82801DB-ICH4) and not a lot of money ;)

best regards,

studio 32

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