[LAU] Problems with Ardour_vst

Dmitry 'Tanner' Melnichuk tanner.of.kha at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 10:06:14 EST 2007

David Baron wrote:
> On Saturday 22 December 2007, Dmitry 'Tanner' Melnichuk wrote:
>> David Baron wrote:
>>> On Thursday 20 December 2007, Dmitry 'Tanner' Melnichuk wrote:
>>>> David Baron wrote:
>>>>> The wine exe connected with this yields and incorrect exe format error.
>>>>> This had been a problem with dssi-vst but compiling this with recent
>>>>> wine fixed that. Ardour error persists.
>>>>> Any ideas.
>>>> I got the same error. Moreover I could not link ardour with VST=0. Looks
>>>> like either the source is broken against glibc or gremlins ate the
>>>> linker.
>>>> David, what's your distro? I'm on Debian Unstable, latest binutils and
>>>> stuff.
>>> Same here
>> I've managed to solve the problem by installing (upgrading) all the
>> libpcre* stuff. :)
> I have the libpcre3, 7.3-2.
> There are however also libpcre++ packages which are not conflictin with the 
> others. Which ones are you referring to and, I assume that ardour needs what 
> I already have
I've actually installed the lates versions of both libpcre3 and 
libpcre++. Than my ardourvst firestarted without recompilation. That's 
all I know by the moment.

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