[LAU] Slightly off topic question.

Bill White bill.white at griggsinst.com
Sun Dec 23 12:46:41 EST 2007

This is not really linux-audio related strictly, but maybe
someone on this list has an idea.  I have an ubuntu feisty system,
and I'm trying to get CDROM ripping to work.  I used to be able to
rip my own CDs using my DVD writer, but something has stopped
working, and I can't diagnose it.

The failure mode is that the audio is read, but the reading is
really slow.  The reader, cdparanoia, tells me that
there is a lot of "Unreported loss of streaming in atomic read
operation" errors, which it donotes with this emoticon:
The output is very noisy, with a lot of transient pops and clicks.
By "a lot" I mean an average of 3-4 a second.  It's really annoying.

The DVD reader reads CDs to play them, but it can't seem to read
them to rip them, which seems completely counterintuitive to me.
I don't have the cd audio cable connected, so I know the CDs are
being read using the DVD reader, and not being read through
the cd audio cable.  The DVD Writer is an ATAPI writer, attached
to the IDE1 slot.  There is no other device on this IDE interface,
and the DVD Writer is set to be an IDE master.  So, the system sees
it as /dev/hdc.

I have an ubuntu feisty system, with a 2.6.20-16 32-bit kernel
and an AMD 32 bit processor, not that that it really matters.

Does anyone have (1) any clue as to why this fails, or (2) any
clues as to how to diagnose the problem?


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