[LAU] Small, cheap computer speakers?

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Dec 27 06:13:06 EST 2007


I picked up a pair of Peavey desktop speakers that have been working 
very nicely as the 2nd pair of speakers for the SBLive in my JAD box. 
The mains are a cheap set of Creative Labs speakers (with subwoof), and 
I'll replace them asap. Perhaps the more expensive sets are better, but 
I don't care much for the sound of the mains. The Peaveys are a bit too 
heavy in the mids, but the overall sound is brightened by the CL 
speakers. I'm hoping that a better set of mains will considerably 
improve the sound.

Anyway, those Peaveys might make a good purchase if all you need is a 
decent pair of powered speakers (and no subwoofer).



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