[LAU] [ANN] AZR3-JACK released

Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Sun Dec 30 07:40:03 EST 2007

> > Wild stab in the dark: you have an old version of jackd that doesn't
> > support JACK MIDI, or doesn't support the particular version of the JACK
> > MIDI API that AZR3 requires?
> >
> > -ken
> Well OK. I just installed it on Fedora 8, and apart from having to install a 
> few deps it has installed ok.
> Now I find that qjackctl's midi connect shows AZR3 to alsa_pcm on the audio 
> tab, the midi tab shows nothing where my usb midi keyboard was on the output 
> ports, but AZR3 on the input ports. Going to the Alsa tab, my usb midi 
> keyboard is there, but no connection available to Azr3 on the input ports.

But this has been discussed earlier in this thread, you need nedko's a2jmidi to
bridge ALSA MIDI ports to JACK MIDI, or use a more recent JACK svn checkout and 
run jackd with -X seq. 

> Just what the hell is going on here? I used to have an "Audio" tab, and a 
> "Midi" tab, and it worked ok. Now for some reason or other some idiot has 
> decided to add an Alsa tab, and everything is totally screwed up. I've got my 
> keyboard on the Alsa tab, and AZR-3 on the midi tab, and no way it seems of 
> connecting the keyboard to AZR3. Doh, Doh,Doh.

Recent versions of qjackctl have it this way, the old MIDI tab has been renamed 
to ALSA, and a new MIDI tab is there to show JACK MIDI ports.

> This is in no way having a go at you Ken. I have a GUI for AZR3 on my screen, 
> but no way of playing it, because I can't connect my keyboard.
> I'm not giving up on this, but would like to know how to play this synth.
> Nigel.
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