[LAU] QJackCtl and JACK MIDI

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Mon Dec 31 14:39:49 EST 2007


I want to start working with JACK MIDI, but I'm not sure I understand 
its requirements. I have a recent QJackCtl with the separate MIDI and 
ALSA tabs, and I note that in Setup there's a MIDI driver selector. 
Everything's fine if I leave it at None, but JACK won't start if I 
select either Raw or Seq. I receive a rather cryptic message " 
Unknownage with option 'X' " and that's it. JACK is version 0.103, 
QJackCtl is version 0.3.2, on JAD 1.0. Please advise if other info is 

Am I missing something obvious ?

Also, where can I find the sources to the aseq2jackmidi module ? (Yes, 
I'm too lazy to search the LAU archives.)



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