[linux-audio-user] gstreamer, rhythmbox, and mp3

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Feb 6 03:14:47 EST 2007

carmen wrote:
>>> it solves a number of problems that nobody else has bothered to
>>> solve.
>> Like what? I play media stuff of all kinds without GStreamer even
>> installed.
> what happens when your card doesn't have dmix, and gstreamer is
> already playing a stream at 48khz to hw:0,1, and another app wants to
> play a 44.1 khz beep to the same output. does it via some mutex/IPC
> magic switch over to software mixing the two streams, without
> requiring a resident sound daemon? if so, i'd consider that a solved
> problem that nobody else wanted to tackle..

I don't know. I seem to have no problems hearing beeps from one app 
while some other one is playing a video or music ... just using ALSA here.

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