[linux-audio-user] Zyn, Was: FUD or not? what is your opinion?

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Wed Feb 28 21:23:30 EST 2007

Folderol <folderol at ukfsn.org> writes:

> Where do I get lv2 from? The home page says a lot about it but I can't
> find where to download from.

Currently blessed approach (that I disagree with) is that "every app"
should have lv2.h packaged in its sources. And yes, lv2 is just
interface - no code.

> Is there a simple list of dependencies somewhere, and what order they
> need to be compiled/installed?

No. I still concentrate my efforts on code. But there are already some
discussions here and on IRC that could help. In particular I still try
to help/guide ppl though installing the plugin. So far it is not that
popular that I cannot handle it. And this feedback I get is very
useful. For zynadd (the only synth engine that is available from zyn
project ATM) itself you only need lv2dynparam:


You can load the synth in any lv2 host, but with elven and lv2_jack_host
you will not get UI. Currently only zynjacku supports the lv2dynparam
extension and can generate generic UI for zynadd. I prefer generic UIs
over custom ones but I accept later. I just have no motivation to create
custom not reusable piece of work. I prefer to work on smart generic UI
host that will help other synths too. This includes but is not limited
to the other zynaddsubfx synths - subsynth and padsynth. I also dream
about FM synthesis synth and sampler/drum machine. I need those for my
music. zynjacku site is at:


zynjacku depends on lv2dynparam too. It also depends on pygtk and
libslv2. You will also need recent jack version (read - jack midi).

> I'm not clear on what is going on here. Does this need ZynAddSubFX
> installed and running or is there code that directly replaces Zyn's
> synth engines? If it needs Zyn, what version does this work with?

zyn project has (several months old) copy of appropriate code. The code
is being heavily modified why original algorithms are being
preserved. My initial goal was to preserve original code without or with
minor modifications. However more deep inspecting of code exposed some
major problems in layers of internal abstractions (some of them causing
realtime problems of zyanddsubfx). Thus I was forced to throw this
initial intent. The new code has engine abstracted and reusable with
glue code for interfacing with LV2 paradigm. This will help if anybody
wants to create say DSSI or standalone ALSA synth. If such thing
happens, I'd be glad if lv2 variant shares same repository with those
other "interfaces".

Nedko Arnaudov <GnuPG KeyID: DE1716B0>
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