[LAU] Proposal: OpenDAWS (long)

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Jun 6 11:16:24 EDT 2007

Wonderfully, the linux audio opensource field has become nicely populated. 
Opensource means freedom of choice. One is not tied to that $400 proprietary 
bloated DAW program. Comes jack and one can dissect the functionality and 
network smaller pieces (if one's system can handle the multiple processes). 
Trememdous freedom of choice.

Problem is: No DAW program, opensource or otherwize, interoperates with any 
other. Cakewalk works with Cakewalk, Cubase with Cubase, Ardour with Ardour, 
etc. Each has its strengths and each has its adherents. Never the 'twain do 
meet. (Lash is fine but the restriction remains.)

Proposal: OpenDAWS.

Just as Sun's Openoffice is not using what they call an open document format, 
we need a open digital audio work-stations format. Such would enable us to 
work in Ardour when this suits us, Rosegarden or Muse or LMMS or Traversa or 
Qtractor or whatever works best for the song. It slso opens doors [SIC] for 
collaboration with those using another program with no regrets.

Base it on XML, easy to parse with any number or os parsers around. Something 
<file ....../>
<file ....../>
<track id=1 name=piano type=midi ....>
<clip id=1 type=hexmidi>.......
<track id=2 name="lead vocal" type=audio ....>
<plugin name=ladspa-compressor knee=## ratio=#.# ......./>
<clip id=1 type=audio-link file=vocal.wav from=##### to=####/>
<clip id=2 type=....../>

Step 1: Specify the XML DTD.

Step 2: Subclass a C++ XML Parsor (and Java--would look more or less the 

Step 3: A bare open room -- program to read and play such an animal using 
jack. No GUI, no editing, just read and play to demonstrate concept. Do 
plugins get set up here or manually using some jack patchbay? Both (if in the 
xml, do them, but I can easily enough plug in others)?

Step 4: Get opensource (and proprietary) authors to support this format and 
even go over to it.

What say you?

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