[LAU] Proposal: OpenDAWS (long)

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 10:55:59 EDT 2007

Doesn't this remain a license? The implementors agreement stipulates that a 
licensee may freely distribute but not sublicense, hence any interface 
defined by a DAW could not be used by another party who had not signed their 
own license - anybody downloading the DAW only has an end user license even 
though any party who signs up can distribute what they like. It looks lilke 
the agreement can also be revoked at any point by the AAF Org just by 
nullifiying their license.

Additionally, does the current format demand a Microsoft storage license be 
singed as well? Their presentation was nice and fuzzy about using the 
community but that does seem a little bit like lipservice if they expect 
that a Microsoft agreement be signed as well.

Are there any other licenses than those on their site that are a bit more 
open? Based on the apparant hype surrounding the XML format then perhaps the 
MS license is not longer a requirement, since the microsoft document on 
states that the SSL license code is a requirement of any AAF implementation 
to that date, potentially not in subsequent releases?



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>On Thu, 2007-06-07 at 15:53 +0300, David Baron wrote:
> >
> > An input plugin for Ardour, if not really GPL, can be distributed as 
> > Just like to use Ardour with VST, one must compile it with one's own 
>copy of
> > Steinberg's SDK. Cannot distribute binaries.
>nope. there's a critical difference. the AAF license allows
>redistribution of an unmodified OR modified SDK. it can thus be included
>in any source distribution, even if it were necessary to modify it in
>some way, and thus binaries using it can be distributed too.
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