[LAU] Re: [LAA] Traverso 0.40.0 Released

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 11:53:52 EDT 2007

> What - you fell for that one? It was about the dumbest argument I have heard, all it discussed is the meaning of the word 'intuitive' hence actually says nothing about either interface. 

Actually it was completely correct.  His point was that intuitive is 
partially defined by what experiences you have, that is where you draw 
on when trying to figure out a new problem/puzzle such as how to do 
something in a specific interface.

As such, Ardour's interface is pretty intuitive to me, and probably 
several people that have used PT or similar software.

> I could agree less although I understand the point. The issue is that if you want to make sound then the user interface has to be efficient for several reasons, to start with so that CPU cycles are available for what you actually want to do - make sound, and that it is responsive even under heavy RT audio usage. If the interface is sluggish then you cannot accomplish what you want to do. As such, efficiency is of interest. Ardour may be efficient, then again, it may also just 'seem' efficient on the big fat servers it is being developed on. That is fine, design a peice of software that only works on the fastest system available and its target audience suddenly diminishes. Perhaps to put it another way, do we want a situation where bloatware is coming to Linux - it if does not work then buy a faster system? 

Personally I have run Ardour on a variety of hardware ranging from AMD 
K7 500 to my current workstation which has 1 Gig of Ram and a 1.6 GHz 
AMD Opteron.  Nothing great, but it certainly handles it fine.

So I am not sure I would call it inefficient, it runs on the most common 
hardware of the time perfectly well.  If you want to call that 
inefficient, you may as well call any modern program inefficient.

I haven't used Traverso yet, but I think it is pointless to say one 
piece of software sucks over another personally at this point in the 
game.  Get over it, use what you want to, and get the work done.  If 
Traverso works for you fine, Ardour works perfectly well for me and has 
for some time with very specific exceptions, that funnily enough are 
being developed right now.


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